Recommended steps for proper care and storage of your luxury bags and handbags. Storing properly after bag spa services.
The art of taking care and storing your mink coat in a hot country. Keeping clean and storing your mink coat.
There are many different types of dry-cleaning services in Bangkok, but you need to find the one that understands the importance of a delicate, precious and expensive product. The one that has years and years of experience in dry cleaning
At Dry~Clinique, we have developed the perfect procedures and techniques that are required to clean,maintain and even restore your bag to its original bring your bag here for a full bag spa treatment where they will look like they received a brand new
Bags come into our “clinic” for rejuvenation. A Bag spa day is a day that bags need, just like what people need. Bags get cleaned and stains get removed.
Modern equipment together with advanced and personal services are the main attributes you should be considering when searching for a dry cleaner in Bangkok.
Things to consider in choosing a Dry cleaning service in Bangkok.
All women have a very special bag. No matter how old it is it’s still valuable to them. When a bag offers functionality and comfort it becomes a woman’s best friend. This is why you should definitely consider a bag spa in Bangkok extending the life of your bag.

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