Make your Bag Feel New

Make your Bag Feel New

You probably have invested quite a bit of money and even emotion into your favourite handbag or purse. And it might be looking like it could do with a bit of spa treatment to bring it back to its former glory? Well at Dry~Clinique, we have developed the perfect procedures and techniques that are required to clean, maintain and even restore your bag to its original and loved appearance. It can be the smallest purse to the biggest luggage you love to travel with; whether it’s detailed purses, travel bags, wallets, luggage and handbags; bring them here for a full bag spa treatment where they will look like they received a brand new “face-lift”. It does not matter if you are not sure about the requirements for cleaning your beautiful clothing, bags, shoes, hats or whatever you want dry-cleaned.

At Dry~Clinique, we are a team of dry-cleaning specialists, ready to give you special attention all in accordance with our high standards. If your bags, shoes or clothing are made from leather, Dry~Clinique will assist you with unique treatments for leather, any types of leather. Treatment will be customized for your particular leather requirements.

We keep on adding brand new ideas and innovations to the business, keeping up with all the latest technologies. If you really want your bag to look like it did when you bought it, contact Dry~Clinique, we know exactly what to do. With over 20 years of experience in the dry cleaning business, supervising over all quality control, you can trust Dry~Clinique for the final outcome; our high standards and attention to detail make us the one-stop dry-cleaning business in Bangkok. Call us, we will come and pick up your dry-cleaning and furthermore, we guarantee, without question, that we will return it to you in 3 days. Professional service means a professional outcome.

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