How to store and take care of your favorite handbags

How to store and take care of your favorite handbags

Handbags, especially designer and bandname handbags such as Chanel, Prada, Dior, Hermes, or other bags of sentimental value, are valuable and expensive. Therefore they must be well kept to keep them beautiful and long-lasting. Bag spa is recomended twice a year.

These bags are not only valuable but also very complex and challenging to dry clean. Dry~Clinique understands these complexities, and with our knowledge and expertise in dry cleaning and leather care, Dry~Clinique provides professional bag cleaning and bag spa.

To keep your favorite brand name bags in good condition and long-lasting, Dry~Clinique  recommend you bring your valuable handbags for dry cleaning at least once or twice a year to keep you brandname bag fresh and clean. Even though your bags may look clean, some stains might be invisible until later. Because we live in a hot and humid climate in Bangkok, mold and mildew can occur, especially during the rainy seasons. If your expensive bags are kept unused in the closet for some time, stains can develop on your leather bag or your canvas purse. Mold can also transfer to your other bags if stored close to each other. Mold and mildew can cause you to have severe health issues; therefore, it's essential to have them cleaned properly. Bring your valuable bag to a reliable bag spa. Dry~Clinique is the best bag spa in town.

The complexity of brandname bags involving many materials such as glue, cardboard, even horsehair is used, making it difficult to clean the bags. Professional dry cleaners must know what they are doing. They must have the expertise, and most importantly, best dry cleaner must understand the quality of the material used in order to clean bags. Dry~Clinique are professional in cleaning leather and bag spa.

Once your bags are ready to be picked up from your trusted bag spa, remove the plastic cover from Dry~Clinique and place your valuable brandname bag in a mesh bag. Please do not use the black or dark color mesh bags for your light color handbags as they may cause stains. Store your expensive bags after the bag spa in your closet with enough spacing in between. If you still kept the original box, then place your brandname bag in the box. Do not put your handbag in a ziplock or a plastic container. Your bag needs to breathe after the bag spa. Plastic can cause humidity, and that is not what you want. Inside your handbag, use white tissue paper to keep the bag in shape. Do not use plastic bags or newspapers, or even magazine paper. They can cause a color stain. Even the tiny pouch inside your precious brandname bag should also have a piece of white paper to prevent the lining from sticking together. Your closet should have some ventilation. Therefore, you can leave your wardrobe open every other day for a few minutes after the bag spa to prevent the humidity from settling inside your closet. As a reminder, it is essential to keep your bags clean and sanitized. Bagspa from Dry~Clinique is highly recommended.

Dry~Clinique is happy to answer all your questions that you may have concerning bag spa or leather care and dry clean. Line ID: @dryclinique . For details,

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