How to store your favorite mink coat

How to store your favorite mink coat

Some of you might have a couple of mink coats that is pased down from generations to generations, or some might have bought a new vintage mink jacket.  It is important to take care these coats and jackets so that the fur stays clean, moisturised, and alive. Many mink coats such Chinchilla, Sable and even fox fur have silver tip which if taken special care will bring out its shine. The more silver the tip becomes, the more the value will increase. 

Dry cleaner like us Dry~Clinique also specialises in fur cleaning.  We strongly recomend our customes to send their fur for cleaning at least twice a year in order to get rid of all inpurities. Mink fur will be clean not only inside the coat leather but from the base to the tip of the fur.  Then follow by applying several coating to condition the fur to give it moisturised. This will prevent the leather from drying out and cracking and also from loosing the fur. Dry cleaning especially during rainy seasons will also prevent the fur from mildew.

Once you have pick up your favorite fur from the dry cleaner, take off the plastic cover and store it in your closet.  Make sure that your closet is ventilated. Do not store in a damp place tightly with other clothes.  Make sure that your mink fur have enough space to breathe.  If you are afraid that it will get dusty, you can get a mesh bag cover.  Do not get a plastic bag.  The moisture from the bag can cause humidity and will damage your mink.  Wear you Sable mink once every month just for a few mintues to keep your coat fresh and alive.  We live in a hot and humid country therefore it is very important to take good care of your mink.

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