Treat Your Precious Purse to a Wonderful Bag Spa in Bangkok

Treat Your Precious Purse to a Wonderful Bag Spa in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city that can offer you literally any service you want, from a luxury spa day to an outdoor adventure. In this town you can find anything you want especially when it comes to rejuvenation. For that reason you should consider giving your precious bag a spa day at Dry~Clinique.

What Exactly Is Bag Spa in Bangkok?

For all your luxury bags there is a very specialized service that Dry~Clinique can provide you with. Let the professionals at Dry~Clinique offer your bag a spa day that will include dry cleaning, stain removal and other specialized services that will make your bag look as good as new.

Leather Care

Leather is a fine material that needs its very own special treatment. Dry~Clinique offers the best quality service for all types of leather. Our professional dry cleaners will give your bag the ultimate cleaning treatment customized for your bag’s particular type of leather. Not only will Dry~Clinique clean your bag inside and out, we will also apply leather conditioner which will make it last much longer. Your valuable bag will be carefully handled by our professional staff.

Bags / Purses / Wallets

The size of your bag is not an issue when it comes to bag spa in Bangkok. Whether your bag is large or small or if it’s a wallet, our professional staff will take great care of your precious item.  Let Dry~Clinique give your bag the total makeover it deserves allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come. 

A Great Way to Prolong the Use of Your Bags

All women have a very special bag. No matter how old it is it’s still valuable to them. When a bag offers functionality and comfort it becomes a woman’s best friend. This is why you should definitely consider a bag spa in Bangkok extending the life of your bag.

The same service is also available at Dry~Clinique for cleaning your favorite leather shoes. Don’t miss the chance of giving your shoes a spa day too.

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