Perfecting the art of dry-cleaning

Perfecting the art of dry-cleaning

Bangkok is a busy city filled with not only residents but thousands of tourists, all on the go 24-hours each day. These busy days are filled with meetings, entertainments, and many activities, therefore a place like Dry~Clinique Bangkok is what you need - your all-in-one valet service.

There are many different types of dry-cleaning services in Bangkok, but you need to find the one that understands the importance of a delicate, precious and expensive product. The one that has years and years of experience in dry cleaning. Dry~Clinique understands the complexity of each fabric. Being in this business for over 20 years, we are experts. When you enter any of our shops, you will feel confident, because our professionals will advise you the best solution to clean and maintain your favourite bag. Even your beautiful suit that you spilled things on, will be cleaned, ready for your next event. Your wedding dress that you want to clean will be thoroughly cleaned and packed ready for storage. There is definitely no worries when it comes to dry cleaning with Dry~Clinique.

There are time when you need us to come collect your delicate items, whether it is your valuable bags or your carpet or even your favorite sofa, we will come collect at your door. We guarantee that you will have your items returned to you within 3 days after you drop your garments off at any of our shops whether at our shop in Sukhumvit, Pradipat, Chitlom. Dry clean delivery is also available at Dry~Clinique.

Because we care for your valuable clothing, we are responsible in keeping up to date with the latest trends, using the most modern and environmentally safe technologies. We are professional, therefore we make sure that your products or fabrics will not shrink, the colors will not fade nor will there be any changes in its texture.

We are also experts in any types of leather. Your delicate leather items will return to you clean in perfect condition. With special leather conditioner applied throughout your product, it will keep your items clean, looking good, and long lasting.

Don't be afraid to live in the busy part of Bangkok. Your clothes, hats, shoes and bags and many other of your favorite items will be taken care of with - Dry~Clinique, the best dry cleaner in town. 

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